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What To Expect From Residential Driving Courses

If you have tried conventional driving lessons and feel they are just not enough to get your driving skills up to the level required to pass the test, then you have probably started looking into intensive driving courses.

There are many kinds of course to choose from, such as crash course driving, often known as intensive driving courses and residential driving courses, so you need to decide which will be best for you.

Residential driving courses offer something a bit different and are highly popular. You not only get an intensive session of driving lessons, you get a holiday too!

These courses combine the relaxation of a holiday in the countryside with learning to drive. The idea behind this is to remove yourself from all the daily distractions of home and just concentrate on the course.

If you are wondering what to expect from residential driving courses they normally take place over one week where you are given the opportunity to drive all day, every day. This means you can practice in a concentrated session and really have the time to get to grips with the road and car quickly and then focus on perfecting those driving skills and your manoeuvres.

With conventional driving lessons a pupil can forget a lot of what they learned between lessons and they spend a good portion of the one hour lesson getting used to the car and the road again each time, therefore progress is slow.

Residential driving courses also give you the opportunity for a holiday and relaxation in the evenings. Explore a beautiful new area and experience a new landscape. These courses tend to be in destinations with quieter roads, away from the city, so you can practice the more challenging parts of the test in a less stressful environment.

Residential driving courses are very popular so you will have to book in advance. The success of the course will be most effective if you take your test straight away after the course, therefore the skills are still fresh in your mind. It is also recommended that you have had at least 6 one hour conventional driving lessons before booking residential driving courses. They are most effective for those who are already familiar with a car and are looking to really polish their skills for the test.

Photo by The NRMA / CC BY

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