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Honda CRV 2018 UK Pricing, Specs and Information

The all new Honda CRV is coming to the UK early september 2018

Prices for the new CR-V have been released

Honda’s 2018 installment of it’s ever popular and award winning Compact Recreational Vehicle range is looking like the greatest addition to the range of families or adventurous best friend yet.

This fifth generation of CR-V raises the bar with the amount of equipment that comes with at a base, standard grade.

As this marketplace is incredibly competitive, Honda have gone above and beyond in order to create a quality piece of engineering.

SUVs are known for their practicality and size, fantastic when you have to drive on particularly bumpy roads or have a squad of kids to cart around all over the place.

The turbo-charged 1.5L VTEC petrol engine provides a great deal of umpfh which will allow you to get to where you need to go in speed and style.

The stylish interior needs to be lauded - with a large digital instrument panel from the civic present as centre to the dash. An arrangement of soft and hard plastic pad the panels whcih proivde a sleek and handsome feel.

The boot’s typically unlevel flooring is possible to make entirely flat that’s to it’s adjustability - making it incredibly versatile. British models of the car have the latecomer advantage - the chance to improve. After one year on the road in the States, Honda made the perceptive decision to add dampers and an improved suspesion system.

On our test drive, the CRV glided over potholes without a care in the world.

Honda reliability is always the greatest asset of the company’s products - and with the capabilities, and flexibility of this family friendly SUV - drivers will be very happy with the results. With 40 mpg - it may also be a great economic option.

To view the new Honda CRV and take it for a test drive, visit North Wales Honda from September onwards where our helpful and friendly staff will be able to assist. 

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